designing a home for pets and kidsdesigning a home for pets and kids

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designing a home for pets and kids

I have four kids and three dogs that make keeping my home nice very challenging. I have worked hard over the years to find flooring, wall finishes, furniture, and decor that can hold up well to the things that my kids and dogs can put everything though. If you have kids and/or pets that make keeping your home looking nice difficult, visit my blog. There, you will find some tips to decorating your home in a way that makes it look very nice, but durable enough to remain in great condition while your kids and pets live their lives in it.

Four Tips For Choosing A Sofa That Works Best In Your Home

When it comes to decorating your home, every furniture choice that you make makes a difference in the overall design in your home. In order to achieve a look that you are happiest with, you will want to make many considerations before just choosing any piece of furniture. Here are four tips to help you choose a sofa that will work best in your home: ​Consider How You Will Use the Sofa: The first thing you will want to do is consider how you will be using the sofa. Read More 

4 Tips for Keeping Your Carpet In Top Shape

Whether you have carpeting throughout your entire home or just in your living room, it is a big investment. That is why it is important to take proper care of your carpet and protect it from damage. If you treat your carpeting well, it can last you many years. Here are four tips for keeping your carpet in top shape: Clean Up Spills Immediately Spilling something on your carpet, whether it is tomato sauce or orange juice, is inevitable. Read More 

Showing Your Home? How To Make Your Rooms Feel Larger

If you're trying to sell your home, then you've probably thought quite a bit about how to help it look its best. When prospective buyers come to walk through, you want it to be clean and attractive. And while you can't change how big your house is, you can change how big it seems. With the right techniques, you can take almost any room and make it seem larger than it is – which is a definite plus when it comes to impressing buyers: Read More 

Best Draperies For Small Rooms: Basic Guidelines For Homeowners

Choosing the best draperies can be overwhelming for many homeowners. This task can seem even more daunting for people who live in apartments or small homes. If your living space is restricted, here are some guidelines for selecting the best draperies for small rooms. Fabric Patterns and Colors When choosing draperies for small rooms, avoid bold colors and busy, contrasting patterns. Instead, go for those fabrics containing small prints and plain, neutral colors. Read More