designing a home for pets and kidsdesigning a home for pets and kids

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designing a home for pets and kids

I have four kids and three dogs that make keeping my home nice very challenging. I have worked hard over the years to find flooring, wall finishes, furniture, and decor that can hold up well to the things that my kids and dogs can put everything though. If you have kids and/or pets that make keeping your home looking nice difficult, visit my blog. There, you will find some tips to decorating your home in a way that makes it look very nice, but durable enough to remain in great condition while your kids and pets live their lives in it.

Must-Have Accessories For A Shabby Chic Home

Shabby chic is a vintage style that's supposed to feel pretty and comfortable. The target ambiance is that of a cozy visit with your grandmother. While some enthusiasts look for vintage accessories, most designers use new accessories to create a more cohesive look. A popular design approach is to create a style with several accessories grouped together. Below are the foundation accessories you need for your personal shabby chic look. Read More 

Three Benefits Of Using Flameless Candles At Your Wedding

The lighting that you choose for your wedding can go a long way toward making the venue inviting for your guests and beautiful for you. You'll typically want to choose a variety of lighting products, but one option to consider is a batch of flameless candles. These devices operate on batteries and have a simulated flame. They're available in many different sizes and shapes, from large, pillar-style candles to small, votive candles. Read More