designing a home for pets and kidsdesigning a home for pets and kids

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designing a home for pets and kids

I have four kids and three dogs that make keeping my home nice very challenging. I have worked hard over the years to find flooring, wall finishes, furniture, and decor that can hold up well to the things that my kids and dogs can put everything though. If you have kids and/or pets that make keeping your home looking nice difficult, visit my blog. There, you will find some tips to decorating your home in a way that makes it look very nice, but durable enough to remain in great condition while your kids and pets live their lives in it.

Can You Redesign Your Garage?

If you plan to convert your old garage into usable space for your family, you may wonder how you can do it the right way. You can turn the large space in your garage into an extra bedroom, recreation room, or storage room with the assistance of an interior designer. Learn how an interior designer can turn your garage into a place you and your family can enjoy below.

What's Inside Your Garage?

Before you convert your garage into another room or space, you want to inspect it first. Garages contain plumbing pipes, electrical wires, and other fixtures that may get in the way of your renovations. You may even need to use some of the fixtures for your project. An interior design contractor can go through your garage and help you locate the fixtures inside it.

A designer may use the services of a third-party contractor to complete the inspection. A contractor can locate and mark anything in your garage that requires immediate attention, such as loose electrical wires and broken plumbing pipes. If a contractor finds an issue in your garage, they can inform an interior designer about them. 

An interior designer can include the repairs of the fixtures in your design plans, or they can remove them altogether. If you plan to add a bathroom or kitchenette to your renovated garage, go ahead and repair the fixtures. 

After an interior designer completes the work above, they'll create the plans to renovate your garage. 

What Features Should Your Garage Have?

The plans, or blueprints, for your garage should include everything you hope or wish to place in it. Blueprints allow you to create the designs for your garage, including the location of your furniture, the color of your paint, and the type of flooring you want to install in it.

A designer can also use blueprints to calculate the size or dimensions of the room. You want to maximize as much space in your garage as you possibly can with your furnishings and other items. 

After a designer creates the final plans for your renovations, they'll begin the main preparations for your garage. The preparations may include knocking down or removing panels from the walls of the garage, adding shelves to the garage, or installing new electrical wiring in the garage. You can always change the plans if they don't meet your expectations.  

Learn how you can turn your garage into something else by consulting a company like Heather Fitzer Interiors LLC.