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designing a home for pets and kids

I have four kids and three dogs that make keeping my home nice very challenging. I have worked hard over the years to find flooring, wall finishes, furniture, and decor that can hold up well to the things that my kids and dogs can put everything though. If you have kids and/or pets that make keeping your home looking nice difficult, visit my blog. There, you will find some tips to decorating your home in a way that makes it look very nice, but durable enough to remain in great condition while your kids and pets live their lives in it.

Three Benefits Of A Boat-Shaped Conference Table

When you picture a conference table in an office, there's a good chance that you think of a rectangular piece of furniture. There's little doubt that most conference tables are this shape, but it's important to know that other shapes are also available. When you visit an office furniture store, you can expect to see some conference tables that are boat-shaped. The sides of this table flare out a little rather than appear straight, much like the hull of a boat. If you're in the market for a new conference table, you may wish to consider a boat-shaped design. Here are three benefits of this type of table.

Easier To Face One Another

If you've ever sat away from the middle of one of the sides of a conference table, you know that it can be a challenge to converse with someone who is seated across the table and toward the other end. This won't be as much of a challenge when you have a boat-shaped conference table. The curved shape of the sides means that everyone faces toward each other a little more. The people who sit close to the end of the table will be slightly angled toward the center of the table, which can make for easier conversation.

Slightly Less Space Usage

Because a boat-shaped conference table gets a little narrower toward each end, it doesn't take up quite as much floor space as a rectangular table of comparable size. This is an important detail in a conference room that is on the smaller side. If you've ever felt that your conference room felt cramped because of the table's bulky shape, you may find that the boat-shaped design is a better shape. Boat-shaped tables are available in many lengths and widths, so you can choose the right one for the size of your conference room.

Unique Look 

If you're the type of person who enjoys choosing pieces of office furniture that offer a slightly different look than what people are used to seeing, a boat-shaped conference table can be a good choice. Virtually everyone who has attended a meeting has sat at a rectangular conference table, but there will be people on your team who haven't seen a boat-shaped table in the past. Having this unique design can give the room as a whole a slightly more interesting appearance, which you and your team may appreciate.

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